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Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. As much as we all feel amazing when we have our hair and makeup done, it's more important to feel amazing with nothing on.  I love how confident my clients feel going makeup-free and embracing their natural beauty. That's what it is all about for me. Lifting you up, boosting your self-confidence, and creating that 'self-love'. - Jesse 

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

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I'm Jesse, Eyebrows Microblading Specialist In Warrington

I'm Jesse one of the best specialist semi-permanent brows technicians in Warrington who carry Phibrows technic and fully qualified, I carry out all of the treatments at my beautiful home-based studio clinic in Warrington and also other clinic in Manchester and Liverpool area. Having both a creative and artistic skilled background, I realized that permanent make-up was an industry that would suit me perfectly. I have since traveled the world and trained with the best in the business to ensure my permanent make-up skills are at their best, and in particular, I have a specific interest in brows. I specialize in providing a unique service bespoke design for each and every one of my clients, whilst also working hard to develop the industry as a whole, imparting my knowledge and expertise. My mission is to provide all my clients with the most aesthetically flawless cosmetic procedures, in a professional environment, with particular emphasis on my high level of service, adjusting each service and procedure to be customized to the individual's needs. My promise is I will continue to remain at the forefront of the UK permanent cosmetics industry through continually advancing my education, knowledge on current technology, the present fashion trends and always meeting and exceeding government regulations to ensure clients are receiving the best care possible in a relaxing surrounding. I provide both hand infusion methods and permanent makeup equipment. My hand tool, Microblading, is the technique in which very fine needles are pulled through the skin, resulting in the hyper-realistic looking hair stroke. Digital machines are wonderful for doing lip procedures, eyeliner, solid fill, or softly shaded brows and hair simulation.


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I had my eyebrows tattooed several times before in New York years ago and it was time for a retouch again. This time I decided to try Microblading instead where I find the result extremely flawless like real hair. I found Jesse at Medical Microblading Specialist Microblading is a manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. She recommended me to do 1 session of tattoo removal to lighten up my old bluish previous looking eyebrow tattoo. So I did a removal about 4 weeks ago. The removal was fast but painful. After the eyebrows heals and became much lighter Jesse did a microblading procedure. So far I love the results. It looks more natural than a regular tattoo.

Tatiana Bitly

I went to see Jesse after my mother had her eyebrows done. My mom has a very different shape and style of eyes than me. My mom had soft powder eyebrows and loves them. I wanted a bit more hair definition so I chose the 3D Hairstroke eyebrow procedure. I was VERY nervous because I have large blue eyes. Jesse calmed me and was so knowledgeable about the best shape and color for me. They are natural and I feel complete. It's only Day 1 so I can wake up tomorrow and have eyebrows! If you are considering this procedure Jesse is a champion at it! There were three other patients raving about her in the lounge area while I was there, including a recovering cancer patient. Jesse has the power to change lives for the better. That's a wonderful gift! I will update as time goes so you can see the progress.

Suzie Jonaz

My sister got microblading done. I had never heard of it. But I had over plucked my eyebrows in the 90s and they were just too thin. I would pencil in, but that would just fill them, not change shape or size. I didn't want tattoo eyebrows because it didn't look natural. But after I saw my sisters I loved it. You couldn't even tell it wasn't hair. So I made an appointment with Jesse ASAP. I just did it today and I love it already. It's very dark, swollen, and shiny. But my sister and Jesse told me it would be shocking at first. But it fades quickly at first so they do it pretty dark. Also the shine is just the a&d ointment to help the healing. I need to do that 2-3 day for a week or so . Im confident they'll be just as great as I hoped. It took about an hour and half. I was advised to take ibuprofen before, but I did not. I just chatted with Jesse during the process and it was done before I knew it. I thought it would be more painful and take longer. It felt somewhat like a hard short cat scratch. But as soon as they're done there is no discomfort. (Pain scale 1-10, 10 being worst. I would say maybe 2 or 3) I will have a touch up in a month and then yearly. So I'll update then too.

Melly Q 

At first, I was very concerned because my brows looked way too dark and thick. I came home and my husband was quite worried. But that is just how the procedure goes, and after a few days the dark brows faded, and then after they healed they look totally normal. No one would ever guess that my brows are not real. They are the perfect shape and color. Massive thanks to Jesse with this life changing. I just loved it.

Karen Will

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